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Forum Rules :

1 NO Fighting ,at all.
2 no bad pictures
3 no bad worlds
4 no yelling at eachother [Example: STOP IT ], which means no caps , on the whole word . only staff can do that .
5 no asking to be in the 'staff lounge if you are not a staff member ( ONLY STAFF MEMBERS CAN BE IN THE STAFF LOUNGE )
6 No more asking to be astaffer . you have to showthat you are made to be a Staffer .
7 No making numerous acounts
8 Don't PM Everone on the forum ,asking them to join your forum. Just post it in the 'Self Promotion' board.
9 Tell Your Friends !
10 Don't Pose As MILEY CYRUS ,or a firend of miley
11 Don't Diss MILEY CYRUS or any celebrities !
12 Don't ask for personal info of Miley .or Anyone
13Do Not Ask Other People Passworld
14 This is not A DATING SERVICES !!
15 have fun


1st time -1 Warning ... PM sent to you .
2nd Warning - Banned 1 day.
3rd Warning- banned 2 days
4-5th Warning -banned 5 days
More Warnings ,all the time -banned -for good !!!

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